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18.11.2017 kl. 20:00 KINBAKU LOUNGE, Valby
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DKK 250.00 Not including card fee

Intimate Kinbakshi Night er en eksklusiv Kinbaku oplevelse med de bedste internationale Kinbakshis, som inviterer dig ind i deres intimsfære, i en play-session med deres model. Denne aften er en unik mulighed for at opleve hvordan de bedste kinbakshis leger med sine modeller når de dykker ned i kernen af kinbaku, for deres egen fornøjelse. De hverken underviser eller laver show - men laver kinbaku, med os som tilskuere.

On the occasion of Pedro and Sophia’s visit to Copenhagen, Kinbaku Lounge propose them to do a unique session in our space. They kindly accepted and agreed to create something special. This will be a rare opportunity to see them explore together some of the things they like the most in Kinbaku and BDSM.

Please notice: For this event, there will be a very limited amount of tickets. No Photograph will be allowed at the event by anyone outside the Kinbaku Lounge Organisers. Video is strictly forbidden.