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18.05.2018 kl. 20:00 KINBAKU LOUNGE, Valby
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Bergborg, who presented his Kinbaku Salon about Minomura Kui last year in Kinbaku Lounge, is now coming back to present another of the great Japanese KInbaku Masters, Nureki Chimui - the sensei of Naka Akira. Bergborg, is also known from his blog KinbakuBooks, and has for some time organized a series of historically oriented rope-evenings in Stockholm, called the "Kinbaku Salon". This will be an evening of reflection and learning, but also of pleasure. The whole presentation will be held in english.

KINBAKU SALON – NUREKI CHIMUO presented by Bergborg The impact of Nureki Chimuo (1930–2013) on Japanese rope culture is unique. In his role as a writer, he has also been an influential historian of this culture. Writing erotic stories in Kitan Club already in the early 1950s, Nureki grew close to Minomura Kou. As Minomura fell ill in 1980, Nureki took over his tying for many magazines. For over a decade, Nureki then collaborated with master photographer Sugiura Norio – together they created an original aesthetic that has come to be iconic. Nureki was also the central figure of Kinbiken, the "Society for the study of the beauty of bondage", where Naka Akira discovered rope. Incredibly active long into his old age, Nureki wrote a book entitled Kinbaku - for as long as I live at age 78, and published a small booklet of kinbaku photos even the year of his death, named The Room of the Morning Light. This will be an evening of reflection and learning, but also of pleasure. Bergborg is packing his bag with rare materials from the 1950s until today. There will be rare books and old magazines, translated texts, movie-clips, and excerpts from original interviews not yet published. Bring an open mind, a pen and a notebook. And, of course, bring your ropes...